Thursday, May 28, 2015

Walk Right Into the Future

Rand Scot’s New Adventure After 34 Years

2015 us a ‘new dawn’ for our ‘old’ company. Joel, my husband of blessed memory and I started developing products in our garage that would make our lives easier after he broke in neck in 1974 due to a car/bus accident in Holland.

By 1981, we bought a building, started bigger productions, sold enough to keep going, and the rest as they say was history. Today we’re creating a whole new history. Rand-Scot is merging with Enable, Inc. We are joining forces to strengthen each other as we begin our new journey into the 21st century of Durable Medical Equipment!

The EasyPivot Patient Lift, the Saratoga Cycles and the BBD wheelchair cushions remain the quality products they have always been. Our experienced staff remains as well, and our merger creates new opportunities for Rand-Scot to explore ideas for future product development.

Our move was to say the least, chaotic. But we have hit the ground running, we are getting product out the door and we will be back to ‘normal’ in no time! Oh and what’s normal you may ask? I guess we all have to answer that one on our own.

Best To All,

Barbara Hoehn
President, Rand-Scot