Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Slowing DOWN To Catch UP to the FUTURE

 Rand-Scot had to slow down to catch up with our future production. Moving into our new space 6 months ago, I believed and had planned on paper a very different scenario than what actually happened. General Dwight D. Eisenhower, said “Plans are essential, but worthless.”  He was right.  BUT!!!!
WE DID IT!  WE DID IT!  WE FINALLY DID IT!  It took longer than we planned, and it’s over!  Our home of 36 years was put on the auction block and it went to a new owner.  May the new owners be good stewards of this place that became more than just a building to Rand-Scot and our Crew, it became our home away from home.  We could all put our cars in ‘cruise’ and they’d find their own way there!
Everyone understands the one thing that is Constant, is Change, especially in our new fast pace, digital electronic world.  Rand-Scot’s change is the downsizing of space and how we’re integrating into our new ‘Diggs’.  We are now ‘outsourcing’ some of our manufacturing processes to a long standing, good old American manufacturing company, here in our own home town of Fort Collins, Design Metals Manufacturing, whose building we are now sharing.  Rand-Scot is no longer standing in two places.  A final signed, sealed and delivered into our future!
The quality products that Rand-Scot has produced for the last 36 years, are still the same.  All Saratoga Cycles and the EasyPivot Patient Lifts, designed for optimum patient AND caregiver needs, are still made with strong heavy gauge steel and finished with quality accessories for long term care.  Our BBD cushions provide excellent preventative care against pressure sores – decubiti ulcers.    
The new product we’re excited about is a pedaled wheelchair developed by, Dr. Professor Handa, a renown neurosurgeon in Japan.  Dr. Handa has studied and treated Stroke patients for over 30 years.  Dr. Handa developed this unique wheelchair especially for Stroke patients.  I see this this pedaled wheelchair, however, as a “Cross-trainer”!  It can be used by many patients with many aliments.  Neuromodulation is a therapy that uses the body to heal itself.  It’s a medical technique used to stimulate multiple neurons that therapeutically alter nerve activity and pathways through retraining the body with movement, stimulating neurons that create new pathways in the brain.  These therapies are slowly showing improvements by way of restored functions and/or relieve symptoms having a neurological basis.
The first time I saw this chair, I got excited, instantly understanding this continuous gentile movement would contribute greatly to a patient’s rehab.  More exercise resulting in more oxygenation, better blood flow, better moods, and a better sense of wellbeing.  After watching the Profhand video, I realized I also like this chair, because this kind of mobility gave patients greater independence and freedom while remaining safe.  Other observations by rehab staffers is that Non-Ambulatory elderly patients who used the Profhand for self-locomotion, became more psychologically active and believed their lives were enhanced.  Always a positive in long term care!
Savor our beautiful weather! 

Monday, July 13, 2015

Keeping Track Of The Future

Back at it, after a great Homegrown 4th of July barbeque in Old Town Fort Collins.  I have had the pleasure of gathering with many of the same people for 3 decades. We've all laughed and cried and celebrated our lives together.  It’s been a wonderful place to have spent the last 36 years!  Thank you for the memories, my friends. 

Now, to the Future!
Soooooooo  much to do when merging!  Either on the highway, walking the streets of New York or 
finding a parking space at your local Library.  For Rand-Scot, the strategies are the same.  

Stop. Look. Listen. Make a Plan. Move Ahead!

We are now in the Moving Ahead category. Rand-Scot is now fully ‘housed’ in a new location by the old Fort Collins’ airport.  We are merging soon with Enable, Inc, another durable medical equipment 
company, as well as Design Metals Manufacturing.  This IS, indeed, the start of something big!

Rand-Scot is still the same, but changing with the times.  The internet has become so many things. The greatest research aid above all.  Which in turn makes the internet the supreme marketing and 

advertising tool in the whole history of the WORLD!!

Moving Ahead brings us into the realm of building new Marketing Infrastructures.  There’s a whole new kind of cyber-world out there for us ‘boomers’ to learn who weren't given a computer moments after we were born!  I think my biggest task is to learn how not to be an obnoxious advertiser! These ‘pop-ups’ from other marketer’s make me want to close my computer down.  Is that a generational thing?  Do our millennials care that there’s so much movement on the screen from ads popping up almost no matter where we are on the internet, no matter what we're researching?  It's amazing that we ever get anything done! 

Our long term regular staff here at Rand-Scot, is learning a lot of new things from our new digital 
marketing staff  who is helping us understand who our actual marketing audience is, if it’s changed 
through the years and how best to know who it is through this medium.  Rand-Scot now has Chris 
Hickey, Hannah Tolson and Spencer the Photographer Extraordinaire helping propel us into this newly spawned 21st Century, with their expert knowledge of Digital Marketing and product photography.  

Boy, do I have a lot to learn about how to market digitally.  And, I’m learning!  This knowledge opens up a whole new and exciting world that seems to keep exploding into more ways of doing more things than EVER! 

We live in exciting Times.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Walk Right Into the Future

Rand Scot’s New Adventure After 34 Years

2015 us a ‘new dawn’ for our ‘old’ company. Joel, my husband of blessed memory and I started developing products in our garage that would make our lives easier after he broke in neck in 1974 due to a car/bus accident in Holland.

By 1981, we bought a building, started bigger productions, sold enough to keep going, and the rest as they say was history. Today we’re creating a whole new history. Rand-Scot is merging with Enable, Inc. We are joining forces to strengthen each other as we begin our new journey into the 21st century of Durable Medical Equipment!

The EasyPivot Patient Lift, the Saratoga Cycles and the BBD wheelchair cushions remain the quality products they have always been. Our experienced staff remains as well, and our merger creates new opportunities for Rand-Scot to explore ideas for future product development.

Our move was to say the least, chaotic. But we have hit the ground running, we are getting product out the door and we will be back to ‘normal’ in no time! Oh and what’s normal you may ask? I guess we all have to answer that one on our own.

Best To All,

Barbara Hoehn
President, Rand-Scot